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Hot Tubes Development Cycling Team is the longest running and most successful junior cycling program in North America. Founded by Toby Stanton in 1992, the team has always focused on developing junior cyclists. The team has more than 120 alumni and close to 20 who are currently competing in cycling professionally.  Our team has produced the most professional cyclist in American history and have 3 current World Tour riders.




Come hang with Hot Tubes on our Weekly ZWIFT ride. It is a steady training ride, not a race. All are welcome! Join us for as long as you want.

Thank you to our Partners and Sponsors for Your Support!


Toby Stanton and Gabriella Song run the team together.  Toby handles recruitment, athlete selection, coaching, race direction, and sponsors. Toby grew up in Maryland and Connecticut and attended Connecticut College. After retiring from competitive cycling in 1989, Toby started a bicycle frame building and painting shop in Shirley, MA. He still operates the shop and it has become one of the premier custom frame painters in the country. Toby has two adult children, Andrew and Kate and four grandchildren. 


Gabriella handles the emotional well being of the team, fostering the deep bonds formed during training camps and international journeys as well as being chief cook and bottle washer. Gabriella has 2 adult children, Kimberly and Sarah. Gabriella and Toby live in Lancaster, MA.


Join the Hot Tubes Team!

While athletic performance is necessary, it is not sufficient for success at Hot Tubes. We care about the whole person and require:

  • The ability to collaborate in a team environment 

  • A balance between athletics and academics

  • Willingness to engage in all aspects of team responsibilities at camps and in races.  

Hot Tubes is looking for:

  • Current road cyclists with a verifiable, high level of performance in road cycling 

  • Athletes from other sports or cycling disciplines who have the potential to transfer their skills to road cycling (mountain biking, ski racing, cyclocross, ice hockey, soccer).

Personal attributes we value: 

  • Self-discipline

  • Personal organization

  • Listening skills

  • Pride of ownership in your equipment

  • Time management skills

  • Empathy

  • Commitment

  • Integrity

We are fortunate to have great sponsors and supporters.  We offer equal support to our cyclists, regardless of your families ability to fund your cycling career.  

Contact Us

2 Shaker Road G100  Shirley, Massachusetts 01464

Monday - Friday 10:00AM - 6:00PM


2 Shaker Road G100  Shirley, Massachusetts 01464

Monday - Friday 10:00AM - 6:00PM

Hot Tubes Development Cycling Team is a 501(c)(3) organization. Donations are tax-deductible.

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