"Not because things are difficult we do not dare, but because we do not dare, that things are difficult."

- Seneca

Hometown: Augusta, GA


Birth Date: 3.8.2004


Height: 180cm


Weight: 68kg

Category: Cat 3

What racing challenges have you overcome?

During my first team camp in Vermont I got dropped many times on just the first day. It was very hard because I thought I would have been stronger with all the training I had been doing. So throughout the week I push through the climbs to prove my spot on the team.

What is your spirit animal?

My spirit animal would be a Salmon.

What is your guilty pleasure food?

If I could only pick one it would have to be Mac and Cheese.

What is your advice for other riders?

I would say that other riders should question whether they can give any more power. Because before any rider gives in to the lactic acid they should question whether their legs can give just the slightest bit more.

What started you in cycling?

I started cycling after I got knee problems after running track for years. So when I was told I should try either cycling or swimming to stay off my knees I thought cycling would be more fun.

What is your favorite pro race to watch?

My favorite race to watch is the Vuelta.