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"Success at anything will always come down to this: Focus and Effort. And we control both."

Hometown: Sutton's Bay, MI


Birth Date: 6.23.2002


Height: 183cm


Weight: 68kg

Category:  2nd Year, 17-18

What racing challenges have you overcome?

I started racing on the road in 2017. I went to my first nationals last year in 2018. I felt I had a big disadvantage because of my lack of experience, but I surprised myself with two top ten finishes.

What is your spirit animal?

I’m gonna go with an eagle. It is both observant and discerning, which are qualities that are important in life and I aspire to gain those qualities.

What is your guilty pleasure food?


What is your advice for other riders?

The ability or drive to consistently want to take on challenges has been important to me as I’ve grown in my cycling. Being able to willingly challenge yourself will give you opportunities and strength that others who lack this will miss out on.

What started you in cycling?

I raced dirt bikes for 10 years of my life. And when I decided that I wanted to try something else, cycling was a somewhat similar option that I ended up enjoying more.

What is your favorite pro race to watch?

Paris - Roubaix


3rd - Quabbin Road Race