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"You can't have a million dollar dream with a minimum wage work ethic" - Stephen C. Hogan

Hometown: Cypress, TX


Birth Date: 6.27.2004


Height: 172cm


Weight: 56kg

Category: 2nd Year, 15-16

What racing challenges have you overcome?

A racing challenge that I had to overcome was racing older men who are part of a team that work as a team against me in Cat 3 races.

What is your spirit animal?

My spirit animal is a mosquito.

What is your guilty pleasure food?

Cheeseburger and fries.

What is your advice for other riders?

When things get real rough and grimy, those with true grit will keep going. Be one of them!

What started you in cycling?

I started out as a Triathlete at the age of 8. Cycling was always my favorite part of a Triathlon. After winning the Triathlon National Championships at the age of 13, I decided to take a break from Triathlon and just pursue my passion for Cycling.

What is your favorite pro race to watch?

My favorite pro race to watch is the Tour de France.


Davy Crockett Classic 1st TT cat 3/4

Davy Crockett Classic 1st Criterium cat 3/4

Davy Crockett Classic 2nd RR cat 3/4

Davy Crockett Classic 1st GC cat 3/4


Valley Of The Sun Stage Race 3rd TT 15-16

Valley Of The Sun Stage Race 1st RR 15-16

Valley Of The Sun Stage Race 2nd Criterium 15-16

Valley Of The Sun Stage Race 2nd GC 15/16

Pace Bend Weekend 5th cat 3/4


Tour Of The Sothern Highlands 4th TT 15-16

Tour Of The Sothern Highlands 5th Criterium 15-16

Tour Of The Sothern Highlands 3rd Circuit Race 15-16

Tour Of The Sothern Highlands 1st RR 15-16


Ontario Provincial Championships 4th overall omnium 15-16


2nd- Jr. & Elite Track Nationals TP |15-18  (A.G.National record)

2nd- Jr. National Track Cup #4 PR |15-18  

3rd-  Jr. Road Nationals RR | 15-16 

4th-  Jr. National Track Cup #1 IO 15-18 

7th-  Jr. Track Nationals OMNI |15-16 

10th- Valley of the Sun Stage Race GC 15-16

11th- Jr. Road Nationals TT 15-16 

1st- Texas Criterium Championships Men’s Cat 4 & 15-18    

1st- Bear Creek Crit Series Men’s 3/4 and 4/5 (series Leader for both Cat)

2nd- Houston Grand Crit Cat 4

3rd- Cedar Hill Race Festival RR Cat 3/4

3rd- Texas Time Trial State Championship ITT 15-16

3rd-  Driveway Series CRIT| P123

4th- Texas Road Championship The Fort Hood Challenge Cat 4

2 Shaker Road G100  Shirley, Massachusetts 01464

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