Hot Tubes Cycling

Historic North American Junior Development Cycling Program

Hot Tubes Development Cycling Team is the longest running and most successful junior cycling program in North America. Founded by Toby Stanton in 1992, the team has always focused on developing junior cyclists. The team has had many sponsors over the years including Wonder Bread, GS Mengoni, and Saturn. It finally became Hot Tubes in 1998. The team has more than 120 alumni and close to 20 who are currently competing in cycling professionally.

Our Philosophy

The Hot Tubes Development Cycling Team is about more than winning bike races. We believe that the purpose of competitive sports is to develop good people. We focus on the key elements of character that underlie personal and athletic success: integrity, honor, sportsmanship, teamwork and commitment to excellence. Our members make a significant sacrifice to compete for Hot Tubes and we believe that Hot Tubes must in turn help them grow personally, intellectually, and spiritually. While we are incredibly proud of our alumni who race professionally, most of our alumni don’t become professional cyclists. Most go on to success as college students, officers in the military and leaders in public service, business, and in their communities.